Panic Disorder

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Many individuals suffer from panic disorder. The cause of this condition is not known, but research indicates that there are many factors that may actually contribute to the onset of the health condition, as well as the symptoms that are associated with this condition. Panic disorder is considered to be quite serious and the anxiety associated with it is very difficult for the person that suffers from it. In this health guide, you will learn many interesting facts regarding panic disorder.

Panic Disorder Causes

As stated in the opening, no specific cause has been linked to the onset of panic disorder. Most individuals that suffer from this condition experience the first symptoms with no prior diagnosis or expectation. There are several factors that are said to result in the onset of this medical condition. They are as follows:

• Upon investigating the brains of certain individuals suffering from anxiety panic disorder, medical professionals discovered that abnormalities in and around the brain may have an impact on whether a person develops this condition.

• Many patients of this condition seem to have a genetic predisposition to acquiring it. Upon studying the family history of many patients, it has been established that those who have family members that suffer from this condition are more likely to develop the condition themselves.

• Stress that occurs in life that is considered to be “major” such as a job loss, death of a loved one, and even divorce can lead to the onset of this type of disorder.

• Those that are active drinkers of alcoholic beverages take part in illegal drug activity, and engage in other forms of substance abuse may develop an anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder.

Panic Disorder Symptoms

There are many different panic disorder symptoms that one may experience when they suffer from this condition. When the symptoms are experienced, they could last from just a few minutes to up to a half hour. These symptoms include:

• Many get a very strong sense of fear or absolute terror when suffering from anxiety disorder panic attack.

• Complications associated with the breathing may occur.

• Many individuals will experience dizziness that may or may not be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal complications.

• The body temperature often experiences some irregularities when a person experiences an attack with their panic disorder. One may feel very cold, or they may feel very warm. Immense sweating is often noted in addition to body trembling.

• Many individuals who experience panic disorder symptoms find that their chest hurts and it feels as if the heart is pounding severely. This is often accompanied with a feeling of being smothered.

Panic Disorder Treatment

The panic disorder treatment that an individual is placed on will depend on the overall severity of the condition and symptoms experienced. Typically, a combination approach towards the disorder is the most effective course of action. One may be placed on medications, be introduced to cognitive behavior therapy, and/or become involved in psychotherapy in order to cope with the symptoms associated with this type of anxiety disorder. Coping with panic disorder can be a challenging endeavor, but there is hope. The treatments issued for this condition have assisted millions of individuals in acquiring the relief that they need to live comfortably. If you feel that you suffer from panic disorder, seek the assistance of a medical professional so that you may experience relief as well.


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