Is Your Kitchen Conducive to Healthy Eating?

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If you were to walk into your kitchen right now, what would be the first thing that you saw?  How about if you opened your fridge?  And your pantry?

If your answer to these questions is not “raw fruits and veggies,” you might want to make a few changes.

Having your kitchen set up so that it is conducive to healthy eating can make all the difference in your raw success.

A kitchen that screams “HEALTHY LIVING WITH HEALTHY EATING, THIS WAY” is much more motivating and encouraging than one that says “COME ON DOWN FOR ALL THE JUNK FOOD YOU CAN EAT.”

Here are a few tips to help you easily and painlessly “fruit-ify” your kitchen.

#1: Make Beautiful Produce the Focal Point

Making your kitchen a haven for heavenly fruits and vegetables is a great way to help you stay raw.

One way to do this is to have a large fruit bowl (or 2) on your counter that is constantly stocked with fresh, inviting fruits and vegetables.

Another way is simply to clean and rearrange your fridge and pantry so that your raw food is bright and appealing.

*But the rest of my family eats cooked junk!*

Even if you live with others who eat cooked, you can still make positive changes.

For instance, my family does not eat a raw food diet.  Instead of putting my food in the pantry, surrounded by lots of processed foods, I created my own little raw setup.  I even had my Dad put up some shelves for me to put my fruit on!

Here’s a picture of the shelves in action.  I told you I like mangoes…


You could also just make a designated part of your fridge and/or pantry “raw food only” areas.

#2: Have your favorite fruits of the season on hand at all time

This is a *must*, especially if you are new to a raw diet.  Having fresh, delicious fruits in the house that you love to eat will make going raw *so* much easier for you.

You really will have no excuse to take “just one bite” of cake or “just one nibble” of pasta when you have so much beautiful fruit lying around.

#3: Post motivational material on your fridge

This is a super easy tip that can make a world of difference.  All you have to do is go online, use your favorite search engine to find beautiful images of fruits and vegetables, and print them out to put up somewhere in your kitchen.

Encouraging quotes or phrases are excellent for this as well.

If you fancy yourself the artsy type, get creative!  Create your own motivational poster and display it proudly.  You can even go crazy and laminate it if you like! 😉

So there you have it.  Three easy tips you can use to make your kitchen conducive to healthy eating.

Got some tips of your own?  Is your kitchen a fun, fruity paradise or a crusty, cooked food kingdom?  Leave a comment below!

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