How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

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How can I Fix My cell Phone It Got Wet?

Ok so your cell phone took a bath and now what? Well I have some real world help for you. Same thing happened to me

And I had a super spendy Apple iphone 3G.

Here’s the list of what to do:

1. DO NOT PLUG IT INTO A POWER SOURCE!!!!(this can totally kill it)

2. If you have an iphone go to the nearest Apple store and have them take a peak. The genius bar will give it a going over for free. They have a device that can look inside and tell if the insides have been saturated. Cost? Free. (always good) If you do not have an iphone go to the nearest store where you bought the phone and ask them to take a look. If you brought it online, bad news you are probably out of luck for any help and are on your own. But stick with me here I have some tips.

3. Next get a plastic baggie, like a freezer bag that can be sealed, fill it with rice, any kind, and if you have any silica packets (those packets that come in electronics boxes) place those inside the baggie as well. Put the phone inside and cover with the rice and seal.

4. Place the sealed baggie in a dry warm place, not a radiator or anything hot, just dry and warm. Keep an eye on it as moisture is released it will condense on the inside the baggie, when you see that change the baggie to a fresh one. Let the phone sit inside the baggie for at least three to five days.

5. Take the phone out and let it sit for 24 hours then plug into a charger, NOT A COMPUTER, it can still damage your computer.

6. If it re- boots, you are good to go. If it attempts to re boot good news. It may not be fixed but it has value. If nothing happens you need a new phone. But there is hope for some cash.


Cash options; there are buyers out there who will recondition a water damaged cell phones. EBay is one location to check; there you will find buyers who will buy phones to recondition. Also Craig’s list, you can place an ad for free and find a buyer. So the good news is you probably do not have a total loss, bad news whatever you get it most likely won’t cover the cost of a new phone.


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