We look up to God in times of trial

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Day in and day out, we are very busy managing home, children, office work and society. While managing several things at a time, we are definitely encountered with problems and some times, these problems appear as very heavy and a burden. What do we do in such situations? We are unable to take a decision on a particular issue and we are putting our fingers crossed, not knowing how we should work out on a situation. One of the best practice according to Christian doctrines is to “take it to the Lord in prayer” which means, allocate few minutes for your personal conversation with God and begin to tell Him all about yourself and do not forget to praise Him. Slowly put forth your problem before the feet of the Lord, by explaining the situation you are in and seek the consent of the Lord. Continue to pray without any pause and soon the Holy Spirit will begin to guide you as to how to go about a situation that you are placed in. Holy Spirit will tell you, step-by-step instructions and you need to remember this and execute it accordingly and you will surely see good results.

God is ever waiting to listen to your prayer. It is only you, who is not coming to His throne of Grace and neither seeking his consent in your daily living. Life decisions must always be taken only with the consent of God. Please remember, that as long as we are with God, we are safe. We may not be safe when we trust our friends, relatives or any authorities. But when we cling to the hand of God and His Holy Bible, His Word would strengthen us and gives us courage to face any trial in this world.


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