How To Make Money From

How to make money from

If you know about tinyurl or tinurl, you also will familiar with function is to shorten your urls. The difference between ond any of the countless others is that you get paid for each click on your shortened links!

Did you know that you can make money from

I am still not get money from this program but it’s very simple. You shorten your links with the site, post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link. The users get shown a quick ad before being taken to your page. When a user clicks on the short link, it first shows a full page interstitial ad and the user would need to click on “Skip Ad” before being forwarded to your link. The more people that click, the more money you will earn.You can also put your shorten link at any forum or website that generate good traffic.

How much you can earn?

It depends on how many people click on your links. You also can earn money by referral program which pays 20% of all of your referrals’ earnings for life!

Can you get paid for every single visitor?

You get paid for every visitor that views an advert. You be paid using Paypal. You can withdraw your earnings at any time once you have earned $20.00 USD.

If you have more money in your pocket, just try to market your product or website using I believe its really help you!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now…

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