Five Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Prince Edward Island

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I grew up on Prince Edward Island, Canada but most of my extended family is from Ottawa. My family would visit every summer and we would travel the island seeing the sites, going to amusement parks, and beaches. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 attractions on the island. Most are also near public beaches for those who are not into amusement park style attractions.

1) Rainbow Valley.

Rainbow Valley is one of the best known attractions on PEI aside from the Anne of Green Gables house. Rainbow valley is located in Cavendish, 45 minutes away from Charlottetown. For families with kids under the age of 13 this is a must-see. There are all kinds of sites for toddlers, like the spaceship gift shop, and a labyrinth you can explore. There are water slides geared toward all ages and for the older kids and adults, a slide you go down on a raft. I visited rainbow valley almost every summer for almost 10 years and almost every year they added something new.

2) Sandspit.

Just a little further down the highway from Rainbow Valley you’ll find another major attraction in Cavendish. Sandspit is mostly rides, so if you’re a thrill seeker then this place is for you. They have all kinds of rides including a roller-coaster and ferris wheel. They also have bumper boats and go karts to race around. This place is easily a full day of fun.

3) Avonlea Village.

Also in Cavendish is the Anne of Green Gables house and the Avonlea Village. Avonlea Village is a storybook village based on author L.M. Montgomery’s novel, “Anne of Green Gables”. Avonlea Village has daily concerts and plays along with tons of activities. Check their website for the daily schedule.

4) Brackley Drive-in Theatre.

There aren’t many working drive-in theatres left and this restored relic is a must-see. They always show movies as a double bill so call for show times and enjoy a relaxing evening at the show. There is also a mini-golf course at the theatre so you may even want to arrive early.

5) Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

This is a great place to go on a rainy day as it is all indoors. The Ripley’s museum has over 200 exhibits depicting people and landmarks across the world. This is a fun and educational trip. I hope this helps you plan your next adventure while on PEI.


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