How to get in better shape using a Japanese way.

Let’s face it. Anyone who hasn’t been exercising in a long time will look at a one hour of an aerobic work as if it is torture. The Japanese have a way to overcome this, called the Kaizan way. It applies to everything you would like to get better at. Here I will talk about getting in better shape as an example.

The Kaizan way is based on improvement by taking very small incremental steps everyday. For example, if you have not exercised in years, you can start off by doing one pushup, one sit up, and a one minute walk on the tredmill. Super easy. Next day, you can do 2 pushups, 2 sit ups, and walk for 2 minutes. The next day you increase by one, and you keep doing that. In only 30 days, you could be doing 30 pushups, 30 sit ups, and 30 minutes on the tredmill. Not bad at all, is it? Let’s say you skip a few days here and there, or you think an in crease by one is too much (!!) everyday, and you end up with half these numbers i.e 15 sit ups and pushups, and 15 minutes walking. That is still not a bad number compared to the state you were in before you started exercising.

The secret of the Kaizan way is that not only does it make it easier on the body, but it makes it easier for the mind as well. When the mind thinks that you will be doing 100 pushups, it sees it as a painful task and will therefore make you resist going for such a tough looking exercise. But if your mind sees it as one push up added to what I did yesterday, there won’t be any resistance at all.

My last piece of advice would be that you keep written track of your progress. It helps you stick to your routine. Good luck.

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