Love is not blind

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Love is not blind

‘Love’ as a feeling of a human being has a number of manifestations; it is affection, when parents love their children; it is respect, when students adore their teachers; it is love, when you bestow your care and help your parents when they actually need them most; it is patriotism, when you love your country or when your army fight for the cause of your country; it is purely friendship, when you are really concerned about your neighbor and provide them with timely help. But all these manifestations of love are devoid of a specific element or aspect what we call the ‘sex’.

Love or a feeling of attraction towards one another that naturally arises between a male and a female, sometimes between a female and another female or between a male and another male is called ‘love’ in the real sense of the word which is predominantly influenced by ‘sex’.

While we recognize the love that emanates or blossoms between a male and a female as quite natural, the love that exists between two females that is associated with sex is called as lesbianism and the love that emanates between two males with a predominant sexual orientation is called as gay love and when they get married is known as gay marriage.In fact we characterize the love that exists between two women or men as unnatural love.

It was Shakespeare who at first coined the terms ‘Love is Blind’, which actually meant that love does not care for personality, status or even means of a person. Therefore, when a person falls in love with another person, the sexual element is predominant and it actually overshadows other essential elements or even relegates them to a secondary position.

But in the modern days, you cannot simply say ‘love is blind’ or you can rather say that ‘love is not blind’, because, in this materialistic world where the very existence of human beings revolve around economy, you cannot simply say ‘love is blind’

When you analyze the source or origin of love, you can find that familiarity breeds love but not contempt; however still familiarity serves only as an introductory factor; your personality molded by your style, your graze and your dressing sense, your manners, your speech etc, has a major role; but it is your social and economic status and condition that ultimately tilts the love scale in your favor.

In this modern age, especially in this age of economic recession, you are very conscious of the fact that empty words will not do to fructify a love affair or to eke out your livelihood.You can very well see and realize that though familiarity is the root cause that provides a congenial atmosphere or milieu for a blossoming love, still doctors love only doctors and lawyers love only lawyers; Similarly a sportsperson loves only a sports person and an actor loves only an actress; For example, the ace tennis star Steffi Graf fell in love with only with another tennis star;


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