New Hampshire is the latest US state to approve LGBT marriages

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New Hampshire is the latest state of US to approve LGBT Marriages!

New Hampshire is the latest US state to approve Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender marriages.Already LGBT marriages have been approved by the US states Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and Iowa. New Hampshire is the latest and the sixth US state to join the list.

New Hampshire state before passing the LGBT bill has some difficult civil right issues to solve.Both the Democrats and the Republicans were divided on the issues.Finally the LGBT bill was passed with some exceptions.The law will come into force from First day of January, 2010.

According to Mr.Lynch, the Governor of the New Hampshire state, while passing the LGBT bill they had to take into account the civil rights of the religious institutions.When the question of officiating and solemnising the marriages of LGBT came up, the religious institutions being the private institutions, they are entitled to safeguard their own religious rights.If they are not willing to officiate and solemnise any marriage involving LGBT, they cannot be forced to do so.If the religious institutions are forced to officiate and solemnize an LGBT marriage it would be unconstitutional.

Therefore, New Hampshire passed the LGBT marriages bill by granting exemptions to the religious institutions. Though there is an outcry among the LGBT supporters against granting any exemptions to the religious institutions, the credit of upholding the supremacy of the law and the constitution, should go to Mr.Lynch, the Governor of New Hampshire.

But we should also remember one more important aspect.Federal Government of US has not approved any form of LGBT marriages.


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