Extra Sensory perception

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Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception is a strange phenomenon that occurs in the human beings in some rare cases. ESP is the manifestation of the extra-ordinary brain power of some super human beings that instantly strike wonder, awe and fear in you, which is quite unimaginable in ordinary human beings.

ESP has manifested itself now and then in various countries. Recently, in Tamil Nadu, ESP has been in manifestation in three human beings in particular. But, in each of them  ESP has manifested from a different perspective.

A middle aged lady who is working as an insurance agent manifests her ESP in this way: Some times by intuition she predicts the death of a person.When she says that such and such person will die on coming Thursday, it happens without fail.The concerned person at whom she has shown her finger dies exactly at the time and date as predicted by her.The lady says that she is making such pronouncements by intuition.Apart from that she does not know anything about her ESP.

In another case, a jentleman, having the power of ESP is even more devastating. He sometimes has a feeling of heavy current shock in his palms that lasts even for hours.He immediately predicts the onset of tsunami or earthquake that may occur within a few days in any place nearby.He says that when he has a current shock measured at between 6 to 9 Richter scale, he predicts the onset of earthquake or tsunami, in a particular place. Recently, when China had a devastating earthquake of a very high magnitude, he predicted it with precision three days before.But people did not take his words seriously at first. But, when they crosschecked and found that what he predicted has occurred exactly in the same way he predicted, they realized that he has ESP. There is yet another interesting feature about him.He also predicts with accuracy, when exactly a pregnant woman will deliver her child.Even, if a woman has labour pain today and when she is rushed to the hospital, he correctly predicts that she will deliver her baby only after three days.People are simply stupefied by his predictions.

Yet another man who was driven away by his parents and relatives as a good for nothing fellow in his childhood days is gaining prominence through his power of ESP.He has become the darling of policemen because he helps them to identify real drug trafficking. He also correctly predicts a particular place where water resources are available.If he encircles a place on the earth using his feet, plenty of water is available in the particular place.Another interesting feature about him is, if you take him to a road with a heavy traffic whether by day or night, he correctly predicts the registration number of a vehicle that may come and pass that way after a few minutes.People are really confounded and they cannot unravel the mystery behind him.Some people even use his sense of ESP to trace a missing person.He predicts the whereabouts of the missing person with accuracy and certainty.This person has now become a much sought after person. A few people even consider him as God and fall on his feet as well as on his mother.

Psychologists say still the power of ESP is a mystery and there is no any scientific base or logic behind it. Still research is going on to unravel the mystery of ESP. However, some psychologists are of the opinion that the neurons in our brain play a considerable role in creating a brain power. In the case of persons with the power of ESP, more neurons play hyper active and hyper sensitive role that induce the brain power that may be one of the causes for the manifestation of ESP.


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