How to earn online by writing articles?

In these days of economic crisis perpetrated by the unprecedented recession, losing millions of jobs and rising trend in the prices including the essential commodities are quite common. Perhaps, you might have lost your job and be literally thrown out in the street ; or what you have earned or what you have as savings at your disposal may not be sufficient to have your both ends meet.

Then you are forced to assess yourself and critically think over how to tackle your economic problems or bail out from the economic doldrums you are in; when you find that you have no any other additional resources except your writing ability to write something about your niche area or what you have been experiencing in your day today life, then internet is a fine source of earning and generating revenue that you can rely upon.

If you have no previous experience in writing, still you need not worry about. A writer who has no previous experience in writing, has to begin by blogging. You can start your own blog either at or However, it takes sometime when you get inured to adsense etc and start earning something.

Apart from gaining experience as a blogger, you can become a freelancer and write articles in the web sites in your niche area or in the current topics in which you are interested or you are well versed. But before beginning to sign up in any web site, you should thoroughly learn about the scope for earning in the relevant web site and also about its genuineness.

There are a number of web sites like writing, write N write and Xambo etc which share their adsense revenue with the writers.In other words, when you write articles or blogs in these sites, ads are displayed by the google on the pages where your articles are published.When a viewer visit your page, when he or she clicks an ad, based on the revenue generated by the viewer’s clicks on the ads, then your share of revenue is determined. But you never know, when a viewer will click an ad and how far relevant or how far an ad that has been displayed on the relevant page would be useful to the viewer.Therefore, an element of uncertainty always hangs over the revenue that is generated by the adsense. Another disadvantage is that despite of the quality of the content of the blog or article submitted by you in the site and despite of the increased viewership of your article, you do not derive any monetary benefit for the actual views of your article or your earned revenue does not reflect the quality of your article.

However, there are some other web sites like Triond, Associatedcontent, Helium, Basuki, e-How, Howtodothings and payperpost etc, where you can post your article; your income that you earn or derived from the sites are based on the viewership of your articles.These sites are better in fetching you more revenue than the sites that generate income based on adsense, because, the quality of your content is rewarded proportionate to its viewership; besides it acts as a fillip to submit more and more articles with a quality content.The more frequent you submit articles in these sites, you have more chances of earning and increasing your earnings.Therefore, ‘quality’ is the watchword of these sites.Another advantage of some these sites like Helium, Associatedcontent, payperpost and e-how is that they also offer upfront payment for your articles. Besides, in sites like Helium, in addition to the upfront payment that you receive, your articles also generate revenue based on their viewership; besides Helium market place and writing contests etc are other great sources of earning extra bucks.These sites also follow their own methods of making payments to the writers, through paypal, moneybooker and cheque etc.

Therefore, those who are feeling the pinch of economy, instead of experimenting with the sites which generate revenue through adsense and offer a share for you, it is better to write articles in the sites which generate revenue based on the viewership of your article and which offer upfront payment for you, because your immediate objective is to bail out yourself from your financial crunches and not to experiment with poverty.

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