Strep Throat

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Many children and adults alike suffer from strep throat each year. This occurs as a direct result of a bacterial infection that invades the throat as well as the tonsils in the body. When this happens, the throat experiences a high level of irritation. Inflammation typically occurs in the throat as well. As a result, the sufferer finds themselves with a sore throat that can result in a general feeling of malaise.

Causes of Strep Throat

Medical professionals have determined that the ultimate cause of strep throat is a bacterial based infection that is referred to as “Streptococcal”. Many refer to this as “Strep” for short. In the past, this form of bacteria was believed to be a unique strain. However, it has now been determined that there are actually many different types of bacterium that are considered to be streptococcal. Bacterial infections are not the only cause when it comes to sore throats. Many individuals suffer from viral infections which result in a sore throat. The individuals that suffer from a viral based infection in the sore throat are not considered to be sufferers of strep throat.

Strep Throat Symptoms

If a sore throat is experienced, it is important to be able to identify strep throat symptoms. The following indicates some signs that the strep infection is in the body:

• Many will develop soreness in the throat area that is experienced suddenly. Most of the time, the pain that is experienced is quite severe.

• When a person experiences strep throat, it is quite likely that a fever will be experienced. In most cases, a fever will intensify over 101°.

• Swallowing – even when it comes to consuming liquids – may prove to be quite difficult as a result of the pain that is experienced in the throat area.

• If the throat is examined, it will likely display a bright red coloring. When strep throat is experienced, spots can usually be seen in the throat. These spots are typically white, but they could present themselves as yellow as well.

• A sufferer of this condition may notice that the tonsils are extremely swollen.

• The lymph nodes in the neck as well as other locations throughout the body may become tender and swollen.

• Many individuals who suffer from this condition experience nausea and vomiting. This is often accompanied with a general lack of appetite.

• Many who experience strep throat will experience a rash that occurs on the body and will be a bright red color.

• Pain throughout the body may result. This is often reflected in the head as well as in the joints and muscles throughout the body.

If you find that your throat is sore and you suffer from any of the strep throat symptoms listed here, it is important to ensure that you seek medical attention. This is a contagious condition that can be easily passed from one individual to another. A doctor will provide you with medications that are called “Antibiotics” and will inform you of treatment options that can lessen the overall severity of the symptoms that are experienced.


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