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This guide outlines some of the planes and services on offer from aircraft charter rental companies.
Flights are chartered for a plethora of different reasons. Aircraft charter rental and services companies cater for every eventuality. Large companies might use a particular charter to move hazardous cargo from one place to another – an ideal solution when scheduled airlines won’t allow carriage of dangerous goods.
Frequently companies need to send executives on specific routes that aren’t covered by conventional scheduled timetables. A charter gives the traveler greater access to additional airports. Sports teams find chartering an aircraft is an easy, stress free way to deliver their sports people to destinations so they can arrive fresh for the game and in suitable time frames.
So what will you be flying in? Smaller craft are the entry-level planes – these are most suitable for short to mid range trips, and they’re economical too. They are also proven to travel farther and quicker than turboprop planes. They all have pressurized cabins and on board lavatories, but have limited baggage capacity and might not be able to carry skis or golf clubs. Turboprop aircraft provide inexpensive travel and comfortable cabins, but have a slower speed and a much shorter range.
Jets in the midsize bracket are capable of flying at higher altitudes and at faster speeds than their smaller counterparts. They’re able to carry a larger baggage load than the smaller versions, too. Bigger jets have the highest ranges taking airplanes from the US to Europe or South America non stop. They will often have extra luxuries like DVD players, satellite phones and full flight attendant service.
As an example of cost, you can rent a Piper 28R or a Cessna 172R charged out wet (fuel is inclusive) for approximately $110 an hour. Headsets should be included in the price, so make sure your operator provides them. Charter flights which include the pilot’s fee will take your costs up to $200 to $300 per hour.
Film companies will rent out aircraft so that their camera crews can attain particular framed film sequences that can be taken time and time again. And some companies may rent an aircraft as a form of hospitality – in order to give an air tour as a prize to customers. This amounts to great promotion for the corporation concerned and may be a ‘once in a lifetime’ occasion for the winners.
Some corporations also give away short flights as incentives to staff. The company will lease the plane for a designated time period on a particular date. Tours can either be a standard package tour or a specific route for the winners.
Chartered flights have a serious ‘wow’; factor! For both those flying and for those who see the aircraft preparing for landing or taking off. Often lower executives dream of experiencing the luxury of taking an aircraft to visit clients  – or impress a rival! Service, security and style are three of the key reasons corporations use aircraft charter rental & services.


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