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 In olden days people completely based on agriculture for food resources like rice, barley and other leafy vegetables. Later on many technologies arrived in agriculture which made faster and impressed irrigation. Technologies gradually improved in making better and risk less irrigation. Many scientists developed many new methods of irrigation like cross planting and hybridization and tissue culture. All these techniques made a revolution in the Agriculture. Machinery also used to reduce the burden of people practicing Agriculture.  

Farm equipment like tractors, planters, seeders and tillers brought a revolution the case of Agriculture. People who practice Agriculture are known as Farmers. Many pesticides and fertilizers are introduced to decrease the weed content and from insects which damage the crops. Many new ways of farming is practiced by the farmers which helped a lot for more productions in less time. There are many forms of agriculture which are being practiced now days. Tractors are very much useful in irrigation; they are used to bear high risks at slow speeds. Mowers are a type of tractors which are used to level the grass. They can be moved easily by a human, it contains a handle so that we can move it easily. It will have blades arranged down to it, so that it can cut the grass easily. Furthermore, along with crops in the fields there grows another plants called weeds which are not useful to us, they will absorb the nutrients and water from crops. To remove weeds weed eaters are developed in order to remove the weeds from the crops. Weed eaters also play an important role in better farming.  

Farm land which we used for cropping should not be used again for the same crop continuously, which decreases the nutrients in field and it yields less crop production. More over lawn tractors are also used to reduce the risks of farmers. Lawn tractors are used to make lawns in the field before raising a crop, so that seeds can be seeded in particular order. This makes the plants to get equal amounts of water supply and to absorb equal amounts of nutrients from fields. John Deere Tractors are heavier than normal tractors and they are used to carry heavy things and it is the old type of tractor. John Deere Combines makes use of John Deere tractors so as to reduce the burden of farmers. Gradually technology developed which introduced Case Tractors and Case combines into the market to reduce the efforts of farmers. Ford tractors are also introduced into farming as a new evolution. Later much machinery is evolved like tillers and seed planters, garden suppliers. Tillers are used to till the land by using some sharp blades connected to the tractor engine part. These blades will pierce into the land and they remove weeds from the fields. Next seed planters are used to sow the seeds into the fields in a orderly fashion, to reduce the farmers risk. It is also used to reduce the time wastage and risks of farmer. Some machinery is also developed in order to get in Gardens such as grass levelers and grass designers. Many toys about the agriculture are made for kids so that they can understand how we are getting food


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