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A Home Run… and the stadium was on its feet. Detroit Tigers first victory of the season against Boston Red Sox and I was screaming on the top of my lungs yet unable to hear myself in that sea of fans wearing the baseball caps of New Era stating DETROIT TIGERS. 

After a disappointing start with 0-7 record till this match, Detroit Tigers came strong and what a reception, baseball caps flying all over the ground, so much so to cover the whole ground. That was boys night out and what a day to pick when your team is winning. You feel proud to wear the baseball cap with Detroit Tiger written. 

The same feel of playing in a minor league back in college days with the same New Era caps and today standing in this stadium supporting my team. Playing in their 108th season

 of Major League Baseball, Detroit Tigers were swept by the rival teams Kansas City Royals (who finished just on top of Detroit Tigers in the league table) and Chicago White Sox 

In the 2007 season, the fans in the new era baseball caps witnessed players in the Detroit Tiger Baseball cap taking team up to a level of runner up in Al Central Division, though they failed to repeat the feat that they achieved in 2006, the Wild Card. 

The thrill that you feel supporting your time like Detroit Tigers in a major baseball league or otherwise is the same when supporting your country in a war. Prays are on for the players in their team’s cap of New Era just like US flag on the soldiers of the nation safeguarding. And win is that sweet moment when you scream, “Now you own that New Era baseball cap pal. Go Tigers!” Have a good night to every Detroit Tiger Fan


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