Bob Marley is The Legend

Do you know who is Bob Marley ? Bob Marley is the legend from music reggae from Jamaica.

Song of Bob Marley have come to legend and very famous in all the world. music of Reggae Bob Marley have good tone. Although Bob Marley have died but song of reggae Bob Marley still linger.

I think song of Bob very good Marley. Song of Bob very delicious Marley to be listened. Bob Marley is a singer of music of reggae very popular in Jamaika and whole world.

Lyric very Power Full make me fascinated by all songs of Bob Marley. Lyric telling a story concerning rebellion of oppressed clan make song of Bob Marley recognized by hims and everybody was also considered to be National warrior by people of Jamaika. All songs of Bob Marley in this album is my favorite. Soul of Reggae in music of Bob Marley make all songs of Bob Marley become famous and finally become legend. Bob Marley have come to musicians legend of reggae from the former fume.

In my opinion all songs of Bob very good Marley and I very very take a fancy to lyric and song of Bob Marley.

Every songs from Bob Marley give me spirit to get up stand up, don’t give up the fight.

You must try to listen every songs from Bob Marley. Bob Marley have the quality of very compared to good reggae song of other reggae music.

His songs are full of hope and freedom. He was the Reggae voice of Jamaica. He may be dead, but his songs live on.

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