Saturday, December 16

How to think of topics to write about – part 1

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So you finally decided to become a writer, and you want to make money off writing online. But you have no idea what to write about. Or maybe you’ve been writing for a while and ran out of ideas. Try these tips, they might help you generate new topics.

– Write about what interests you. This applies to new writers. But It also applies to experienced writers who might have been choosing their topics based on what other people might like. What are your personal interests? You will naturally know a lot about what interests you. You probably know enough to write more than one article. As you are writing, new ideas come up and you will find that you will want to write many details about the same subject. Instead of putting all the details in one article, making the article too long, you can divide the article into many articles. Each article would be covering a different aspect of your topic of choice.

-Let’s say you have already written about what interests you, and you’re out of ideas again. Don’t worry, you still have a lot of topics to write about. It’s just that you never thought of writing about these topics. Try out this excercise:

Think of a typical day of yours. What is the first thing you do? Obviously, you wake up. Stop at this point. Can you write anything about waking up? Perhaps you have an idea on how to wake up early? Or on how to get a good night’s sleep? If not, move on to the next event. You go wash your face, or maybe you shower. Some people have their coffees first. Regardless of what you do, do any of these events bring up a topic you can write about? The topic might be directly or indirectly related to the event. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can write something that is both informative and original, so you can get paid for it.

If you apply the above tips. I am sure you will come up with many interesting topics. In case that you do not, which is unlikely, do not worry. There are still more ways to generate ideas. I will write about those in another article.


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