How to Use the Unique Free Online Web Proxy WebWarper to Save Your traffic

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WebWarper is a free online web proxy server with very good loading speed, whose server is placed in Dallas of the United States. There is no garbled when you browse the Chinese pages, but it does not support SSL, so that you cannot use it to access https landing sites.

As other web proxy services, it adds ads to its ultimate pages by default, which is placed on two gray ad panels at the top and the bottom of any viewed page, but it provides us some ways to disable, remove, or turn off the advertisement save the traffic. Firstly, you can register and get all WebWarper advertisement disabled for 1 year. There are different registration ways, including free of cost ones. Secondly, you may click the link “Turn advert. off” on the top WebWarper ad panel. Then all advertisement will be disabled for nearest 18 hours. After this perioud (on the next day usually) you will need to turn advertisement off again.

The most prominent feature of WebWarper services is its gzip compression and anti-virus functions, which can help you save a lot of traffic. It also provides the Super-dense mode with maximal antivirus and anonymity protection, which shows only text content and save more traffic. This is the unique service that is not available for other free online web proxy server. For this unique service to work well, you need to disable WebWarper ads first.

Enter your website address to visit in the address bar in the middle of the homepage, and click the “View this site via WebWarper” button at the right. The “Open the accelerated Web-site in new browser window” and “Antivirus mode” are selected by default. You can choose the Super-dense mode below the address bar by ticking the “Super dense mode with maximal antivirus and anonymity protection” box. And then you can access to the websites you want with accelerated speed and anti-virus and privacy protection!


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