Dealing with Eye Allergies

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Spring is the pollen season and that means allergies. In dealing with eye allergies, usually people are faced with dry, irritated eyes. The best solution for this condition is to use a combination of over-the-counter (OTC) products such as artificial eye drops. Systane is a good brand name high performance eye lubricant that can be used to treat irritated or dry eye symptoms.

The product tends to be a bit expensive but it works like magic. You can sign up at the manufacturer’s website to get a product coupons that will help save tons of money if you are going to be using this product. The website for the coupons are: -Medication.asp

Of course, you do not have to use brand name eye drops. You can simply buy the “top care” products or if you are shopping in a chain supermarket, most of them carry products manufacturered by the store affiliated companies. These products tend to be cheaper and work the same way as the brand name product. But as cheap as they are, it is always good to check with a pharmacist before taking top care products as the active ingredient in these products sometimes tend to be different than the brand name product – and may not work as good.

Another good method to deal with irritated eyes is to use a saline eye wash. Most supermarkts and pharmacies carry eye wash kits that is designed to flush out the allergens from the eyes and to clean it out. After cleaning the eyes out, it is important to make sure your eye is not exposed to that allergen so avoid any dermal contact with the source of your allergy.

In some people, eye allergies mean they are always tearing up and their eye is itching and for such a condition, the treatment is to use an Antihistamine product such as Livostin. The product will dry the eye a bit and relieve itching but any redness or inflamation of the eye will not be treated by this product. As a word of advice, if your eye is itching, it is best not to itch it or you will simply agigate it even more. If itching presists, wash out your eye with saline wash then apply a eye drop such as Systane or a antihistamine product. If those products are not helping, then you might be experiencing a side effect or your condition must be more serious so you must talk to your doctor or your local pharmacist to find a suitable treatment for you.

Most over the counter products do not treat redness of the eye. Visine has certain decongestant products that are advertised to take the redness away but they only provide temporarily relief by contracting the blood vessels in your eye. Of course this can be dangerous for certain individuals with pre-existing eye conditions or people with blood pressure issues. To effecitvely treat red eye, you really do not have many options with a OTC product so you will be forced to get a prescription from your doctor.

Most of the OTC (over the counter) eye medication have minimal side effects though there are potential for abuses. Long term use of some of these products are not encouraged but some products have proven to be benefitical such as the artifical tears for enhancing the natural tear duct function and defenses. Topical steroids should not be used for the long term as they may lead to cataracts or other eye complications. If you have pre-existing eye conditions or are using prescription drugs for your eyes, then it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor and your pharmacist before taking any such drugs to avoid possible drug interaction or disease complication.


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