She Is a Liar, a Sweet Liar

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He was a poor child. Often his family had not enough food to eat. Whenever they had some food his mother gave him her portion of rice saying,” I am not hungry, my son”. She is a liar, a sweet liar.

As he grew mother used to fish in a river near their house hoping that the fish would be nutritious food for her growing son. Once she caught just two fish .She made, a fish soup and gave it to her loving son. While he was eating, she ate what was still left on the bone of the fish he had eaten. When he gave the other fish to her she immediately refused and said, “Eat this fish, my son, I don’t really like fish”.

She is a liar, a sweet liar.

Then in order to fund his education she started to work hard on the sewing machine all the time. When he found her working late at night, he asked her to go to sleep and continue the work on the next day. She simply said, “I’m not tired, my son”.

She is a liar, a sweet liar.

After his father’s death, she had to play the role of a single parent. She had to work harder to fulfill all their basic needs. Therefore, relatives asked her to remarry and put an end to her problems. She refused to remarry saying, I don’t need love”. She is a liar, a sweet liar.

When he had finished his studies and found himself a decent job, he asked her to retire and enjoy the rest of her life. She nevertheless continued her job and refused to accept the money which he sent to her saying, ‘I have enough money”.

She is a liar, a sweet liar.

His perseverance brought him recognition and was rewarded by quick promotions bringing him a substantial hike in his earnings. He asked his mother to come to his city, live with him, and enjoy the luxury and comforts of life. She refused again saying, “I cannot fit into high living”

She is a liar, a sweet liar.

Then after a few years, she fell ill. She suffered a cancer and was hospitalized. She underwent surgery and was lying in the bed when her son visited her. She tried to smile at her son but failed. He was very sad to see his beloved mother in this state and was crying miserably unable to control the tears rolling down. “Don’t cry, son, I am not in pain”. That was her last lie as she died smiling at her son.

She is a liar, a sweet liar.

I cannot help crying now, though she was not my mother.

God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.



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