Gross National Happiness And Bhutan

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Image courtesy of Royal Bhutanese Potographer

Oh my dayz you must be thinking “What is she on?’.

Well I remember that the Former King of Bhutan HM King Jigme Singye Wangchuck in 1972 coined this phrase in relation to His Nation’s prosperity and using this as a measuring factor as opposed to Gross National product which only defines prosperity of a Nation through Material Growth and Wealth. He wanted to use this as the yard stick in order to bring Growth to His Nation in a more holistic and organic way, taking care of the environment, reviving local culture and tradition but also at the same time pressing forward with political and economic reform.

His model has proven so far to be a success and he also democratized the country, even though it still retains the Monarchy. He abdicated in in 2008 in order let his son Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk take over as a younger member of the Royal Family.

Every time I lose my balance where it comes to material and spiritual life this one profound term comes to mind and it keeps me level headed and calms down my mind.

Bhutan is evolving into a new Era but in its essence it has decided to preserve both its natural habitat and also its costume and traditions without giving these up to a  Westernization Process. If all countries could look to this example for good governance and wise policy making then we would definitely have a much greener world. This is one country on my list to visit as soon as money is made available as I feel I have a lot to learn from the Bhutanese People.

Bhutan is predominantly Buddhist and is a peace loving Nation with many festivals and traditions through out the year which you can find a list here:

Bhutan Festivals

National Bhutanese Dress is worn now by all Bhutanese on Special occasions and the King made new legislation and Etiquette which makes this ruling great for both the Local Economy and for preserving the Ancient and Beautiful Culture of Bhutan.


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