How to Use the Free Web Proxy TheProxyFree to Access Blocked Sites

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + is a free web based online anonymous proxy service, which allows you to visit websites through an anonymous proxy, so that you can visit sites that are blocked or censored by your company, school, university or your ISP. In addition, the service will help to protect the users’ privacy and may keep the users away from the spywares and viruses. It is easy to use and there is NO software to be needed to install. Now it has the new functions: you can use https connections to access MySpace, Gmail, Facebook, etc. But the site has blocked ebay because of so-called abuses.

The proxy server is in the USA, using PHProxy online agent system program, with simple display of pages. As other web proxy services, it has pop-up and full-screen ads, which you can turn off by clicking “Skip this ad” button at the upper right corner. It also supports Chinese websites and is without garbled.

Enter a website address in the “Web Address” bar in the middle of the homepage to access the website you want to visit, and then point “Go” button. Now you can see your target website and begin your anonymous surfing. You can also remove client-side scripting (i.e JavaScript) by tick the box under the “Web Address” bar.

Note that the limit biggest document size of this free online web proxy server is 4.77MB! So if the pictures or documents in the site you visit are greater than 4.77MB, they will not be able to displayed or downloaded!


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