Save your friendship

Hi ! dear friend,

When I met you for the first time,

I felt that I found someone, who can be relied upon

      on all occasions.

As friends, we were together, chatting, studying,

Enjoying holidays.

The times of togetherness were very good for you and for me.

Trust, honesty, friendship and a good understanding between us

        Helped us to stay together.

I did not think that we would depart in this manner.

All that remains now, is just our memories.

If only you could discuss, what went wrong between us.

It would save our friendship.

But you were prepared to withdraw from our friendship.

This is something that I did not wish for.

May be at some point of time, you would change your mind

  And contact me to start another fresh chapter of friendship.

Because, differences can always be workedout, opinions can be changed.

Negotiations can be made and clarifications can be explained.

You may not find someone like me, nor can I find someone like you.

If only, you could listen for some more time,

If only, I could listen for some more time,

May be our friendship would continue for some more time.

 Flowers in the garden blossom every day

Sun rises and sets each day

Birds work in groups and reach its nests in groups

sun, moon and stars are all partners in the sky

doing their respective jobs at a particular time.

they do not have any differences but always live in harmony.

don’t you think that we need to learn from the nature

that being together is always safe than staying away.

May be each step at a time, we begin now

a new chapter of good friendship opens for tomorrow.

Thank you.

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