Springworld Challenge Game Review

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Springworld Challenge is the perfect name for this 2D, beat your best time, road course game. The goal is simple: navigate each course, whether it is on terra firma or in outer space, in the quickest possible time to earn trophies. Trophies unlock new challenges. Sounds simple, right? WRONNNNNG! Nothing could be further from the truth.

A brief and straightforward written tutorial continues the cruel ruse that this game is going to be a walk in the park. Everything seems perfectly concise at first. Use arrow keys to maneuver, spacebar to fire rocket boosters, and the control key to repair your vehicle. By finishing challenges quickly, while limiting damage and conserving rocket booster energy, trophies will be awarded, which may be used to unlock other courses. Gauges located on the bottom right hand corner of the screen will illustrate how much time remains before a trophy (i.e., gold, silver, bronze), or bonus trophies for energy consumption and damage, can no longer be attained.

Your vehicle, be it car or spaceship, is indeed built of spring-loaded parts as the game’s title suggests, and will disintegrate or shatter upon impact with obstacles, effecting its performance. Luckily, you can repair your vehicle quickly while on course, which will definitely be necessary, as you invariably find yourself smashing into obstacles. On land challenges, you’ll discover yourself having to contend with open pits, massive hills, mechanical crushing devices, and wildly looping and twisting roads. In outer space, spinning and rotating levers, winding courses, and difficult to maneuver short cuts will act to waylay your successful completion of challenges. The use of arrow keys makes control and maneuverability difficult and can become extremely frustrating. This aggravation quickly builds if you stray a bit off course, as you find that the game has decided that it’s time to restart the challenge, and does so without asking.

Several other negative aspects to the game quickly become apparent. The annoyingly repetitive techno tunes, paired with the difficult balancing act of conserving energy and limiting time and damage, can quickly push the player over the edge. It is also extremely difficult to watch the time and other status bars while attempting to control your unwieldy vehicle. This can lead to completing a course when there is no longer a reason to do so, as trophies are no longer available.

The true “challenge” to Springworld Challenge, is finding enough entertainment to keep you playing. One thing is for sure, smashing your car or spaceship into tiny bits or flying haphazardly through the air is certainly fun, and the capability to repair your vehicle while on course, adds a unique element not found in most games. Overall though, these aspects don’t create enough interest to make the game more than a tedious time killer that tends to “anger” and “aggravate” more than “excite” or “challenge”.

Rating: 1/5


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