How to Volunteer at YOUR Local Animal Shelter

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Animal shelters across the United States are places we, as people, need to help. Full of unwanted pets – dogs, cats, reptiles and every conceivable creature that humans want to keep, these organizations find themselves short handed and sometimes overwhelmed. If you are thinking about helping at an animal shelter but not sure how, here are the steps to consider before you call.

  • Decide what you have to donate. Some people have gifts, talent, time and even money. Put together what you think might be the best choice for your situation and decide how much you want to give.
  • Call your local animal shelter. Introduce yourself and ask to speak to the volunteer coordinator. Once on the phone with the coordinator ask what the shelter is currently look for in contributions.
  • Compare what you have to offer verses what the shelter is looking for. Before making a snap commitment, ask the coordinator if you could set an appointment to come in and tour the facility.
  • After reviewing the facility and getting a feel for the people who work at the shelter, you need to decide if this is the place you would like to contribute to. Taking those original perimeters of what you have to donate, offer your assistance.
  • Once your offer has been accepted, the animal shelter will usually ask for you to fill out several forms (just like a job but no pay.) Take time to fill them out properly and set up a schedule so you can contribute to your local animal shelter.

Donations can be in many formats. Time, Money, Adoption of an animal and even fostering an animal until placement. All of which will help an animal shelter!


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