How to Use Hand Lotion (for More than Hands)

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Statistics say that one out of three Americans use hand lotion.That means in an average house there is at least one bottle of hand lotion if not more. Well with all this hand lotion available you have to ask yourself is there more than just using it on your hands? Yes, there definitely is and here are the steps to using Hand lotion in the house.

Use it on other parts of your body to help dry and itchy skin. Even though the bottle says hand lotion, your other body parts will thank you for the moisturizing moments of the lotion.

Use the lotion on your hand. Getting a small dab, rub it on your hands and then gently comb your hands through your hair. This will help the frizzy hair that seems to be going everywhere. A great trick if you are away from the house and need something to tame your hair fast.

Use the hand lotion instead of shaving cream to shave your legs. Softer to the skin it can be a plentiful substitute that won’t dry your legs.

Use the hand lotion for a little lip love. The hand lotion can be applied to the lips to help moisturize not only the lips but the face around the lips.

Use the hand lotion as polish for your pumps and heels. In a jam, you can polish up those heals and remove dirt quickly by wiping them with a small dab of hand lotion.

Use the hand lotion on your pets collar. On the collar, around the neck, the leash can become hard and scratch. I light coating of lotion will soften the leash and help your dogs skin adjust to the collar.


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