A Comment on George Orwell’s Essay: ‘Nice Cup of Tea.’

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If you are interested in learning the nuances of essay writing or else you are interested in learning the notes on cookery, especially on making a ‘Nice Cup of Tea’, here is a fine opportunity to learn both of them simultaneously.

George Orwell’s essay titled ‘Nice Cup of Tea’ published in the Evening Standard from London in the year,1946, is a fine essay, written in a fantastic style that entices the reader both towards the content as well as the flowing style of the essay.

He began the essay in his inimitable style with the alleged purpose of providing  comprehensive notes on making a ‘nice cup of tea’

No one can deny the stimulating effect created by a cup of tea in you. George Orwell has laid down eleven golden rules in the preparation of a ‘Nice Cup of Tea’. Of them two are universally accepted. Some four rules are most controversial.

No doubt, tea is a popular drink in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Of the eleven golden rules laid down by George Orwell, only a few of them are discussed here which are sufficient for making a ‘Nice Cup of Tea’. For reading the entire version of the essay, you may refer the ‘Online English Library’.

The Indian or the Ceylonese tea is the best tea for making a nice cup of tea. Chinese tea is also equally good and cheap and so economical;it makes you inspiring; you need not even add milk with the tea. But it is the Indian tea that makes you brave and wise.

Chinaware or the earthenware is the best material you can make use of for making a tea pot. All other materials have their own drawbacks.

If you want to have a best tea, fill a tea pot with a quarter of it with water. Then to have a good tea  add six teaspoons of tea to have a quality tea up to its brink. Before boiling the tea, you should see that the empty tea pot gets heated instead of heating it by pouring water.

Never filter the contents of a tea pot, leave the tea leaves as sediments and it is not injurious to your health if you consume it.

Always have the impact of the flame on your tea pot even while pouring it. Instead of using flat type Cup and Chaucer you should always prefer a cylindrical cup, so that you may not lose the heat of the tea. Whereas in a Cup and Chaucer, you lose half of the heat before you drink.

Now we are coming to the most important aspect of mixing. There are two theories that exist about mixing. According to the first school or theory, you have to take a specific quantity of milk in a cup and then add tea to it. But it does not provide the correct blend or mix  nor it tastes good. According to the second theory, take some tea in a cylindrical cup, add milk and rinse it as long as you get a perfect mixing of tea. Before adding the milk, you should see that the creamy layer is removed from the milk.

Above all, in order to have a real taste of the tea, you should not add sugar to it ; one should drink tea as  tea, just like one drinks beer as  beer.

Apart from these controversial points in making of the tea, there are some other aspects surrounding the tea like the additional uses of tea leaves like telling fortunes, predicting the arrival of visitors, feeding rabbits, healing burns and sweeping the carpet etc.

However, it is most important in paying attention to the details like warming the pot and boiling the water etc while preparing the tea.

The above classical essay of George Orwell is worth reading for the double advantage that it provides for the preparation of tea, in a free flowing style.


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