How to Pick a Baby Carrier

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If you are going to need a baby carrier for your baby then you need to figure out exactly the best baby carrier will work for you. There are so many options and opportunities that baby carriers offer so all you need to do is figure out what works with your lifestyle.

  • Decide where you prefer to have your child. There are options to put the baby carrier on your front or the back.
  • The baby carrier that you decide upon need to be a balance of weight which is comfortable to carry your child. Depending on the parent body type, the baby carrier will vary.
  • Consider where the baby carrier is placed on your bottom. On most baby carriers, the hip position of the carrier is the most important. Make sure it is comfortable when you have your child in the carrier.
  • Make sure the baby carrier is easy to clean when it gets to be a little messy. There is always potential for a spill so you need to be prepared to be ready to wash the baby carrier.
  • The most important thing of a baby carrier is support for the baby. Make sure your baby has head support as well as body support when the baby is in the carrier.
  • Make sure the baby carrier is easy to put on for just you to candle with your child. As you sometimes wont have a second parent  to help, the best thing is the carrier is easy to handle.
  • Make the child carrier friendly for either parent.

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