How to Host a Pet Party

A pet party is one of those parties that, finally, the four legged creatures are invited to attend. Bringing their shiny fur coats, they romp and roll around in the backyard just enjoying the smells and sniffs while the two legged people watch.

Hosting an pet party is a fun thing to do, especially if your friends an neighbors love their animals as much as you love yours. It is a great way to bond (for all of you) and the animals will play until they are tired.

Here are the steps to host a pet party.

Start by figuring out who you can invite to your party. You need to invite friends and furry creatures that are friendly and will easily mix to have fun. While a ‘party’ can be as big or small as you like, a good mix of animals is 4 to 6 so everyone can keep an eye appropriately.

Now send out the invites or give the owners a call to see who can make your pet party with their animals. Tell them your dog or cat is officially inviting their creature to make it fun! Those owners who love their pets will make time, so expect a good turnout.

Before the party, you need to ready the backyard. Check to make sure the fence is secure, the lawn is picked up and all the items that are in the backyard are pet proof. This will be the primary place where y our guests will play so it needs to be safe.

Put out additional water bowls for your furry friends. Water is needed when playing with pals and who wants to wait?

On the day of your pet party, invite your guests to use the side gate to get in your backyard (and avoid all the animals walking in the house.) Have animal treats ready to reinforce good behavior and watch all the pets really enjoy themselves.

While the pets will play, notice how the people will chat. Open up your people snacks and take a moment to enjoy your friends and neighbors in a relaxed setting.

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