How To Excerise Your Puppy

A puppy needs plenty of good excerise. It needs excerise for it’s health. To sleep well it needs to excerise. Your dog and you will bond faster when you spend time with it. Excerise is a good way to do this.

Go by the size and age of your puppy when excerising. Of course a small puppy doen’t eat as much as a large one. The older the dog gets it may want to sleep and lay around more. But remember it still needs some excerise. It will be a well ajusted and happy dog!

Walking is a good way to give it excerise and you will get some too. Ha!Ha! Pick a collar that fits well but not to tightly. There are many types and decorative ones. Attach a leash to the collar go walking. A may take a few days for the pup to get the hang  of it.

In the summer teach the puppy to swim. This is a good way to cool off and lots of good excerise. The lake or a pool is always a fun way to go. Always make sure the water is clean before letting your puppy swim.If it’s not clean water he may drink it  and could get sick. You don’t want this. Bring a jug of  fresh water along and a water bowl.

Dog parks are everywhere these days. They are a good way for your puppy to be with other’s. Getting alone is an important goal. You can meet other dog lovers and share ideas with them.

Make sure your puppy has plenty of fresh water after exercising so the pup doesn’t get dehyrated. Your puppy is a big responsibly but after all he is your BEST friend.


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