"A Drop Of Color" by Hyde

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Confusion rules this shifting age
And uproar fills the town
My thoughts of you are drowning in the noise
How could you know?
Why should you know me?

You gently nourish my dry skin
A drop of color saves me from
The fate I’m facing everyday
A single bloom piercing the snowdrift

How softly, the springtime breezes sing
How deeply, the distant mountains breathe
There are so many things to show to you

Oh why does hate bring forth more hate?
A long abandoned fruit
Is hastening the process of decay
This country’s starved, it’s void of feeling


One of this day

Ah, breezes sing
How deeply, the distant mountains breathe
There are so many things to show to you


Everything in this age seems to be confused. All areas has been fill with the confusion and uproar. The thought to each other could not reach people anymore. The thoughts are drowning in the noise of confusion. So people don’t know each other, don’t even want to. Why and how should people know someone that they walked pass if they don’t even interested of.

You’re like the color of this world for me. Color that make me feel lively and save me  from this sick place that everyone are the same. In this world that people don’t think that feeling is important, people don’t care of each other. You’re just like that bright flower that bloom through the pale snowdrift.

There are so many beautiful things to see and to know, like the springtime breezes, the mountain and many other things else, but people don’t even want these. People live in their own bubble that other people shouldn’t disturb, and  people don’t try to get out. So when you’ve got out from your bubble, I’ll show you how beautiful this world really is.

Why does hate bring even more hate? People in this place is void of the feeling. Feelings that now is just like the fruit that has been decay. This place starved of the fruit that called “feelings”.


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