My parent’s opinions

My parents have their own opinion that is not often the same as most people opinion. They often told me what they think and they also told me that don’t easily believe in what they think. They want me to think by myself if it’s right or wrong.

Things that they usually say to me are what they think about society and what other people did, usually about the drivers on the street. About the person that drive very fast or do something that will cause trouble on the street, they often say that those who do that are not thinking of what is the worst situation that will happen to them.

My father often says that young people who have just graduated don’t know how they should work and don’t really know how to work as team. He said that they don’t know how to produce good quality works. He said that most school and university haven’t taught their student how they should work in real life.

My parent’s also complain about education system and entrance system in Thailand. They say that entrance system cannot show that the students really know about what they were test in entrance exam, because they could find special course that only teach them how to do the exam but not really make them know deeply.

I agree with most opinion of them. So their opinion effected my opinion too. Most of my opinion are from their opinion.

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