The Culture

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I am interested in how the culture in different countries is different, what they do in everyday life, what they eat what they think, in different country there are little differences about this. I am interested in it because it’s the identity of their country.

All people have different opinions on same the thing, even if there is just a little bit different. Who thinks the same way go together. I guess that’s why in this world there are so many countries, and the differences of the way people think makes different cultures. Really, people make the line and divide because they feels that they are different. But if they accept other’s people opinion, they could live together. And the world might have less amount of country.

There is no right and wrong on how culture should be. In different countries, their culture is suitable to the environment that they live, to how their climate is and how their topography is. People from other countries might think something is not good but people do, and stay with their culture every day, then it must be a good thing for them. So don’t say that that culture is not good, this culture is good because it’s suitable to how they live.

If you think that culture that you are living in is bad, look back, try to find why it is like this, try to understand your culture and then you might feel much better or you might change how you feel about it.


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