Thai’s Young People Today

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Young people today are very different from the past, something is good and something is bad.

Let’s look at the good things first, I think that teenagers today have very good ideas because they have technology to research anything they want to know, that makes them know lots of things. Internet is one of the technologies that is quick and easy to search for what you want to know, because many things have been written in the internet. Knowledge make ideas, makes you know what you should do, but teenagers in the past do not have opportunity to know as widely as teenagers today.

One of the bad things about young people today is the clothes that they wear. Girls wear too open clothes and that is dangerous. Even if they often see or hear news about the man raping the girl some teenagers still wear it too open. I think it’s both the man and the girls fault.

Other thing is some teenagers take drugs and alcohol but it’s not all their fault. Some teenagers have been deceived to do and some see their parents drink or take drugs so they think that it’s not wrong, some have problems in their life and they take drugs or drink alcohol to console themselves. Drugs and alcohol are the problems for young people in the past too.

Young people are the people that will grow up and develop their country in the future, so don’t blame just them for the wrong that they make, it might be other people faults too, as I show you. Young people will grow up and be the good adults in the future if adults teach correctly


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