Fourth of July activities

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Fourth of July activities for the entire family can be adapted for people of all ages to take part. Some of these are one hundred percent free while others require a minimal purchase but none of them will break the bank. All of the activities will get the entire family in on the action and will help to make the day more enjoyable for all.

Sing along

Using this web site, print off a copy of these songs for the family to sing. If you have adults who are not into singing along, then have the kids dress in patriotic colors and allow them to stand in front of other family members to sign. Kids love to entertain and this is a great way to get them involved.

Make a flag

Grab some construction paper, glue, a few pieces of white printer paper, star stickers, and some glitter pens. Depending on the ages of the children involved, a helpful parent will cut out strips of red paper, which are about an inch high. Make sure you turn the paper to the landscape position to cut your strips.  Also cut out multiple tiny stars or simply use star stickers.

Allow the children to assemble the paper flags as an activity during your celebration or beforehand to use as decorations. However if you choose to use this for a party activity it will keep the kids entertained so the adults can relax.

Paper chains

Some may think that paper chains are for Christmas, but if you use red, white and blue construction paper these become themed for the fourth of July celebrations around that nation. This is also one of those activities, which will keep the kids entertained.


A good game of patriotic trivia is great for family bonding and it can be a learning experience for some of the members. Make sure you have a good mix of questions to ask, some easy and some more difficult. The internet is full of web sites that deal with the history of the Fourth of July holiday and those places are among the best to get ideas.

Coloring Contest

Many web sites offer themed holiday printable which you can print off and have the kids or those who are youthful color. The beauty of these pages is that you can print off simple drawings, or more detailed ones, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Sundae Bar

Usually this day is quite warm, and what a better time to make delicious sundaes to share with the family. Have family members each bring a different topping, so that there are a wide variety of toppings. This is a cold refreshing treat and a great family activity to have before dinner if it is a long day or as a special treat at the close of your party.

Resources: (printable lyrics) (use for trivia) (use for coloring pages)


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