One day in Kuta Beach

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One day at the shadow afternoon I was at Kuta beach sitting down under the beach tree because at the 12.00 – 17.00 the sun was very hot for me but not for the tourists lying down on the white sandy beach. Sometimes the tourists go to the sea water for swimming and coming back to enjoy the sun burning the skin. It seems like they are very enjoy with sun bathing while some local people walking around the beach to sell their product to the tourists. What I do not understand that most of local people even old women and small children can speak in the country languange of the tourists. How can they learn to speak ? The tourist from Australia, USA, Germany, Rusia, Holland, some other country in Europe, Chinse, Japanese etc.

I mysel learn English since I was at secondary school but until in the collage then I can speak English only ( I ever learnt Japanese, german language, French) and other language ever learnt I can never speak because very difficult to me for making the communication.

Then I came to get close to the very old women who still take a rest after selling the peanut to know how they learn to speak a lof language.

“Mom, how to learn many language like you to make the communication ?” I was surprise when this old women say to me, “I never learn those language,” I am not sure what I am listening from this old women then I asked her again, “how can you understand and answer many foreign language ?” The old women said, “I only know the words to speak without learning.” (they even do not know how to write all the words in English or other language and also do not know anything about grammar). From this moment I know that learning a language should be better by doing (for kuta beach old women by selling product) with making direct conversation.

From this moment also I know my friend who as an entertaiment at many hotels in Bali that they are very poor in English but they can sing many foreign song like Rusian, Spain, Jew and many more. When I came to their practise studio they listening the the Spain old song then they write the song as they hear then start to sing like they listening the music melody they do like the melody in that song.



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