HOW Accelerating Internet connection HANDPHONE NOKIA 3230

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how the internet connection with nokia 3230 mobile phone as a modem and the PC as the device’s internet access faster mentranfer data. Initially, there’s indosat incoming sms to mobile phone tariffs, I notice its cheap internet phone Rp10 / 30 seconds, or Rp 1,200 / hour, so it’s not because i do not know so much? not so fast access? for I know not how to connection settings, please continue reading, please know that you have just a comment, hehe …
Setting Internet Nokia 3230 via the computer
tutorial how to access the internet with a computer using a modem nokia 3230 has been discussed diblog, so do not make a tutorial please read it: in the google search with the keyword Setting nokia 3230 internet via computer
Speed-up modem internet nokia 3230
gprs internet connection this is relatively slow, low tariffs are reasonable. But there are tricks to speed up internet speed, so do not lose the telkomnet speedy service with a DSL modem. Tricks with the assumption that this is connected to your computer nokia 3230 mobile phone with data cable DKU-2 and have been able to access the internet.
Change the maximum modem speed is:
open Control Panel-> Network Connection-> Nokia 3230 USB modem. and click on the right dimodem select propertise click configure. change the maximum modem speed of 460,800 to be 921,600.
Take back our bandwidth is stolen you slama Microsoft Windows is:

1. Open the run menu (click start, run) or drawing the windows key + r, are type “gpedit.msc” (petiknya jgn Alerts are yo …)
2. — In the computer configuration> administrative template —> click network
3. Qos packet scheduler click —-> click the limit reservable bandwidth 2x —-> not configured to be said, but actually is: read below
4. nah default windows bandwidth we make 20%, but make the connection bro settingan can make this a settingan override the default
5. so triknya is enabled with the reservable bandwidth and change settingannya to 0 (Zero) will make this system does not limit the bandwidth we
6. Ok! lanjuuttt ….
Maximize the performance of mozilla browser get yours flight kenceng how:
1). Open Mozilla Firefox Browser
2). In the Address Bar type: ABOUT: Config and press enter, click on the button I’ll be carefull
3). on the filter bar type: pipe hit enter
4). change the value to be true to the false string you appear
how to replace it:
5). create a new string is: Click the Left Where 1X Only, right click select New-> Integer-> Type: NGLAYOUT.INITIALPAINT.DELAY Rate 0 (zero) and press F5 or refresh
After setting all the tricks above are correct, restart the computer and try connect the internet again and feel the difference (the craze is fast!)


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