The 80/20 Principle

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Put simply, the 80/20 principle means that 80 percent of what you acheive is actually the result of 20 percent of the efforts you put in. And the remaining 20 percent of what you acheived is the result of the remaining 80 percent of your efforts. Sounds complicated? I will simplify it for you.

Think of the results of anything you have worked on. Any example will do because this rule applies to everything in life. Let’s take an example of a relationship. A man put a lot of effort to get the woman he wanted. This man put a certain amount of effort in order to acheive a result, which was to be with the woman he liked.

If we apply the 80/20 rule to his case, we will find that 80% of the reason that he is with this woman, is only because of 20% of his efforts to get her. Which means that something small that he did (20%) mattered more than the other 80% of his efforts to get this woman.

So how can you apply this rule to your life? Well you can take advantage of this rule to make everything you do more efficient. When you are trying to accomplish something, think of all the tasks that you need to work on in order to get the result you want. Next, find that 20% that you need to do and do it, cause that alone will get you 80% of what you want.

Obviously, 80/20 is a close figure, but it is not necessary exact, it could be 70/30 or 90/10. The important point is the meaning behind the principle, which is that there is a small part of any effort put that is enough to acheive the majority of the desired result.


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