How can you earn online? (not talking about ptc,ptr etc)

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The only one way by which you can earn a good amount is making an own site. Its better to make a mobile targeted site. You might be thinking you are not that bit intelligent to make a site of your own. But lemme say yes you can. Here is the way.

1. First of all you need a server to host your site: for this search free hoster(google it). I personally recommend which is faster than many dedicated server whithout any hidden adds.

2. you need a domain name: also gives you the free domain called “xxxx” (xxx is the name with which you register). alternatively you can go to www. for having the domain or to www. for

3. you need a script for your site: this problem is also made simple by they give you an application with which you can make your site as you wish. you just need to enter the texts and they will make the script for you and will be automatically added into your server space. ie they will start hosting the site.

Now comes the real part. How this site can help you earn? there are a lot of sites which would like to show up their ads on your site., google adsense, mkhoj, mojiva etc are few names which will give you ads on your site.They will give you earning for every click the users of your site makes on their adds. So you will have to just register to in this sites.

The third important think is you need visitors to your site? for this you need a hard work. you need to advertise your site in every site possible on the net. you may let your frendz know and ask them to spread your site.

for any other help you may contact me at I have bin running 3 sites and m earning more than 300 usd a day.


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