Chickenfoot – Chickenfoot Review

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Here’s an album that is superpacked with supersongs by a supergroup called Chickenfoot. Sorry for the words but I just made up superpacked and supersong. Maybe others have already used this but who knows? Anyway, Chickenfoot is composed of one guitar god, two former Van Halen members, and one powerhouse drummer.

Guitar god Joe Satriani’s team up with Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, plus Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has resulted in a stellar rock album. The team up sounds good as well as the music sounds excellent. Chickenfoot’s Chickenfoot need no further introduction. It is a  rock album that rocks!


As you listen to the tracks of the album, you would give a good judgment as to how the record is done. I promise you. Smoothly crafted tracks result from the involvement by everyone.  It seems that they really rocked it out to create the kind of music they perceive when they created the group. Satriani wowed me with his dazzling and brilliant compositions; pumping out hook-laden rhythm riffs. His guitar solos? Fantastic! I never heard Satriani this good. Michael Anthony and Chad Smith’s combo with Satriani made the perfect funky beat. Sammy Hagar with Anthony created the most incredible harmonies together.

As for me, I do not find anything dreadful to say about Chickenfoot.  The producer, Andy Johns has done a great job producing the album; creating a rock monster group  out of  rock monsters from different bands. I love the thought, I love the band, and I love the music. It makes me crave for more head-rocking, heart pounding, nerve racking, and head splitting tracks from Chickenfoot. Before I say  adieu here – grab your copy now.

Key Tracks are “Get It Up,” “Turnin’ Left,” “Down the Drain,” and “Future In the Past.” Wait. Actually, I love all the tracks.


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