Health: how to lose weight in five days

Can you really lose weight in five days? Yes, you can. I have. I have lost weight in between one or two days. I can tell it too when I look in the mirror. What can you do to lose weight in five days? You can lose a few pounds if you try these things.

Cut calories

Calories will pack up the weight. It’s clear that cutting calories will also make you cut down weight. You should cut around 500-1000 calories per day in order to lose weight. Most people eat at least 1000 calories more than they need per day. The average person needs around 1600 calories per day.


It’s clear that exercising and physical activity will help you lose weight. You can try exercising if you are too sedentary. It is the quickest way to weight loss.

Eat before 6pm

Eating after 6pm will make you gain weight. You can’t burn the food and it can be store as fat later on.

Avoid large meals

You can’t burn off large meals right away. It will be stored as fat. Eat six small meals instead of three large meals.

No sugar

Sugar is converted to fat by insulin if your body doesn’t use it right away and most of the time your body is still using yesterday’s fuel. This is why you gain weight quick.

No carbs

Carbs acts just like sugar. It gets converted to fat by insulin if your body doesn’t use it. It gets stored away. This is why you gain weight. Stay away from carbs and you will lose weight.

Eat protein

Protein will not be converted to fat and this is why you won’t gain weight. It gets use or excreted out of your system so you can lose weight.

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