Caribbean Stud Poker-What’s With ‘Progressive Jackpot’?

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Caribbean stud poker provides its players an interesting offer termed as the progressive jackpot. Players can get this aside from the actual game of this stud poker if the players want to.

Before the start of a hand, a player choose how much to put as the ante. Players can put as small as $1. If the player decides to put $1 he/she has the chance of taking home the jackpot. The greatest part of winning the bet is the fact that the dealer is not obliged to qualify by having an Ace and King card on hand. In the event that the player only get the progressive jackpot price when one of the players has a flush, which seldom takes place, that makes progressive jackpot beneficial only to casino operators.

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The progressive pot can be accumulated up to very large amount. Usually, progressive jackpots reach hundred or even thousand dollars, but the amount is mainly dependent on the game the players are playing. Listed below are some examples of progressive payout a player can get:

  • Flush – 50x of the ante
  • Full House – 100x of the ante
  • Four of a Kind – 500x  of the ante
  • Straight Flush – Ten percent amount in the pot
  • Royal Flush – total amount of the pot



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