Health: HIV and warts

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Can you tell if someone has HIV? Not really. Not all the time. You can’t really tell if someone has HIV. A person who has HIV can look very healthy. If you go to youtube and watch videos of HIV patients, some of them look very normal. You can’t tell at all. You can’t tell an HIV person from a non-HIV person. HIV people are normal looking. When they have full blown AIDS then you can see some signs. However, you can’t see the signs when they just have AIDS. When they have full blown aids, you will see signs that are more evident like skin problems, purple spots and so forth.

Kaposi Sarcoma is common in people with AIDS. People with full blown AIDS have purple dots all over their chest and back. Since HIV patients get sick easily, you can suspect HIV if you see someone who is extremely sick or has many concurrent problems.


How do you get rid of warts? Warts are from an STD. It grows into little white granules and it can be itchy at times. You can get rid of them with medication or removal by a doctor. You can get it treated at a doctor office. It is the only way. They don’t have a lot of medication out there to treat warts. If you see things growing then you should get to the doctor quick or else it can be worse.

You can’t get rid of it at home. It can grow more and you will have a lot of irritation if you don’t get it treated. You should see a doctor and get it treated. Warts are STDs. You get them through your partners. There can be occasion where you would get them as a result of something else. Doctors will prescribe you medication and you can get rid of it. Warts are uncomfortable and you can’t have intercourse if you have warts. You should check in with the doctor.


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