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I used to own a few old Hot Rods until due to my health could not work on them as many of you that have or have had a collector car knows when it’s time to give up your favorite hobby due to something health related you just can’t do it anymore. I had to have two back surgeries and the pain was and still is just to much to continue owning my dream cars.

My dream came true many years ago when I was in my last year of high school. There was an old building that set back off one of our main roads. I noticed one day while driving with my Dad there was this car setting back behind a shed with grass growing up all around it. It was like a faded orange color but, man was it sharp looking to me. I had no idea from just looking at the front of the car from the road what make or model it was let alone what year it was. I was like in the middle of my last year in high school and was only seventeen but, I was done taking drivers training and had already wrecked my first car. A 1950 Chevy 2Dr. Sedan. It wasn’t a dream car but it was nice when I got done with it. It was painted a Bermuda Blue with White & Blue Velvet Interior. Sharp car. Anyway the frame was bent after the accident so it was sold. Then I purchased a 1956 Corvette. The car was used and needed lot’s of work. This was the car that was setting beside the shed with the grass growing up all around it. This was my first dream car. I did a lot of work on this car and also had lot’s of work done as well. First I had the duel four barrels rebuilt on the car then I had the engine bored out to make it a 301. Had a nice racing cam installed with solid lifters. Then headers installed. You wanna see a fast corvette it was very fast to fast sometimes for me to handle. I had this car for a couple years then sold it. I know now that I should have kept that car but, I was young and just grew tired of it so I bought a 1965 Chevy 2Dr. Chevelle it was nice but, grew tired of it very fast so I then sold it and purchased a 1927 Ford 2Dr. Sedan this was a really sharp looking Hot Rod. Had an all chrome 327 Corvette Engine. The body was Candy Apple Red and Channeled. I had this car for a couple yrs. then sold it and bought a 1940 Ford Coupe which had a 400 Small Block Chevy Engine. Same thing I grew tired and wanted something different so I sold it and bought a 1931 Ford Pickup. This truck had a small Buick V6 and I didn’t like that at all even though the truck looked sharp with a chopped top I just wasn’t satisfied so I sold it soon after I purchased it and then I ended up getting an awesome Hot Rod a 1946 Angila Pro Street with Wheelie Bars. This was a sharp little rod and was very fast as well. It also had a 400 Chevy Engine. I had this car for a couple years then My Health problems begin. I had two Back surgeries one then a yr. later the other. The pain continued in my low back and still even today it hurts. Sometimes it locks up and I have to crawl to make it normal again. That is what happened to my last Hot Rod I had and the reason I knew I had to sell that car and the Dream of continueing to own old cars had to stop. I was under the car one day working on it when my back locked up on me. Luck would have it my oldest son was home from school and heard my scream for help. He came out of the house running and continued to drag me out from under the car and carried me to my bedroom and layed me on the bed. I was in such pain but, finally worked it out and after that my mind was made up. I just could not work on any cars again even though it was so hard to realize. I sold the car and talked things over with the wife. All my life I remember my Mother saying she would love to go to either Las Vegas or Hawaii before she passed away. So I and the wife went over to her house and I said Mom remember what you always used to say about going to Hawaii or Las Vegas? She said yes why? I said well which do you want to do? Name one. She said Hawaii was to far to go on a plane so I guess LasVegas. I said are you sure and she said yes. So soon after we were on our way to LasVegas. So the fun part of this story was I ended up giving up my dream and ended up giving my Mom one of her dreams by flying her to LasVegas. Oh and guess what day it was? It was on Mother’s Day of course.

Now none of us won the Big Jack Pot but, the three of us had so much fun. Now my new hobby is working on and building Model Cars. I used to do this when I was in my teen years and I remember how much fun it was turning some nice looking cars into sharp looking Hot Rods. So now I have so many in my collection I have to begin to sell some. If you have a disability and can’t seem to work much any more and want to get into a nice hobby I would suggest getting into working with and making model cars. If cars isn’t your thing then they have many kinds of models you can purchase like planes and boats or trains even. Just try to keep your life going and have some fun because isn’t that what life is suppose to be about anyway.


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