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Hey again people.

Well you’ve already heard me ranting on about how great nuffnang’s program is here before!


Well I’m at it again…

Now that I have had a bit more experience with their program, I am very happy to report that I will be staying on for the long haul!

For those who don’t know.

Nuffnang is an advertising platform directed at all bloggers, big and small, not only to offer them a monetization method, but also to network them together into a community and share their experiences.

Although, Nuffnang focuses locally, so us Aussies get only real advertising content, none of that Americanized crap that you can find on any old blog containing adsense 😀

Right now, they would love for all Aussie bloggers to jump in and have a look, whether you are a big blogger or small blogger, they don’t care.  You WILL be valued either way 😀

What I love about Nuffnang, is it’s ability to look like a very unique/ minimized website layout, yet there is so much you can look at and do!

I love the analytics page.


It almost makes me as happy as that guy!

It gives me a chance to get a general idea of how my blog is doing without having to go to a stat counter site or the likes.

It’s great community will get you in touch with other like-minded bloggers, for instance Karen Cheng (NuffNang’s Featured Blogger of the Month) who is a gifted writer, blogging about pretty much anything to do with her life.

Another two great blogs in the NUffnang community.

I enjoy sharing blogging exposure with other starting out bloggers such as Dave, because I know how hard it can be to increase your exposure, such as your PageRank!

So Dave, when you find a backlink to here when you are looking through your Google Analytics, know that you have at least me as an avid reader 😀

I need one thing this Christmas 😉

Nuffnag Santa!


I need to have the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9 this Christmas!

I Just need it!

I never thought about the fact that when I travel, I’ll have to go into an internet cafe, just to add to my blog let alone email all the musts…

How will I find time?

Oh yeah… A LAPTOP!

Not only does my best experiences to write about come naturally during an out-there trip to somewhere unusual in the world, but also having a laptop will allow me to pop it down live so that I won’t miss it, and the memory will live on!

I put together all of my pennies a year ago to build myself a computer so that I didn’t have to keep using the family computer (Sorry for all of those years guys) and little did I know how much more useful a laptop would have been!

This is my chance though 😉 Carrrrrrrrrrrn Nuffnang, make a young chap smile for Christmas this year 😀

Cheers for this opportunity to blog about how awesome you guys are atNuffnangNuffnang 😛

Sam J


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