Mind Control (Do You Control Your Life)

How does one take control of their life?

     As living souls on this earth, we all tend to make mistakes that we regret. If you where brought up in a strict religious background that teaches you that all your misfortunes are a result of something that you had done wrong in the past, and that God is paying you back by punishing you with these misfortunes, well this is wrong. This pattern of life is very destructive and can destroy one’s life. For the poor soul who thinks that one lie will condemn them for the next six months, will live a life of total hell. This belief system will destroy anyone who believes in it. Take it from me I should know.       The two words believe and belief are very strong word to your conscious and subconscious minds. Once your mind believes something to be true it will follow that pattern. 

     Your subconscious mind does not differentiate the difference between right and wrong, it just exists, it absorbs like a sponge and believes everything to be true, whether good or bad. Your subconscious mind does everything that you command it to do, and yes that means everything. So when you do have a misfortune, the bad results can usually come from one of two scenario’s, one it could be that consciously you where thinking this thought (even if it was for a brief minute), results can manifest, or it is a learning lesson that will teach you how to be stronger in the future and to avoid doing the same actions again in the same manner.

Just like it was a slow gradual process for you to be who you are today, it will be a much more gradual process to stop this destructive thinking pattern. Remember it took you a long time to become the person that you are today; you had many influences that were not exactly good for you.  

     I am sure that this was not done intentionally but was passed down from generation to generation without anyone doing the research on how it was to be done correctly. Remember for those of you who have a strong religious back ground it was a mortal sin to think anything different. You would be doomed to hell forever. Do you know what this type of thinking is called? Think about it for just a minute…. Did you find an answer? The answer is “Control”.  The church and others who believe in this way of thinking made these false positives to keep you an active member by instilling fear into your subconscious mind, therefore controlling you with fear. 

     Is someone else is in control of your life and you don’t realize it? It could be someone like a parent, or an Uncle or Aunt, Grandparent, teacher, pastor, priest, minister, rabbi, friend, a lover or a business associate. Which of these people are closest to you? Do you feel that they influence your life in a positive or negative way? Depending upon the amount of influence these people have on you, they can do a lot of damage, just remember that this is your life not theirs, so how would it be that they know better than you how to live your life? They don’t. This is called a negative- negative. 

     I believe that every one of us is capable of wanting control over someone else and this is extremely selfish on our part, but is a part of human nature in its darkest form. We can teach and try and guide, but never try to completely control anyone, this is wrong. We have to differentiate the difference between the two. I will give you the definition of all three with dictionary definitions;  

Control:  power to direct something. To have power over. To limit or restrain. Possession of controlling influence. The act of repressing; control by holding down; “his goal was the repression of insolence”  

Teach: To impart knowledge or skill of. To condition to a certain action or frame of mind. To cause to learn by example or experience. 

Guide: One who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising. One who serves as a model for others, as in a course of conduct. A person who guides or inspires others. A person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully.  

     Everyone should learn how to have full control over their lives, and you can do this with simple everyday exercises. 

Our first exercise will be organization.  

     If you are not already organized in your life, then start organizing. We can start organizing by looking at our surroundings. Look at the whole picture, from the room you are in right now to your kitchen, to your bathrooms, your garage, your yard, your car, your bedroom, again look at the whole picture. Do you like what you see? What can you do today to start organizing? There may be a lot of work ahead of you and then there may not, but I am sure that everyone in some way could organize their living spaces much better.  

     If you have things in places like your attic, closets, garage, cupboard and you have not used these things and you have been saving these things for more than 10 month’s than discard these items. Old broken dishes, old clothing that does not fit or is outdated, old or outdated shoes, purses or accessories. Old and broken holiday ornaments, you get the picture.

     Go to your medicine cabinet and your cupboards and check out if you have anything that is outdated or expired. I am sure that once you go through your things, you will notice that you don’t need a lot of those items, the pile that you create from discarding old and useless things will give you more clean space and your living area’s will be less clutter. You have now created new free spaces in your living environment. The whole purpose of this exercise was to create freedom for your inner soul. We needed to clean out the clutter of you living spaces, which in turn will clean out your aura as well. You should have a new sense of freedom and it should feel fabulous.   

 This is the beginning of your grand design.

        Do you see just by reading this article you are starting to feel better already, I cannot wait till we get to the good stuff.

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