Grupo Mayan Great Exercise Tips to Get You Started

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Summer is virtually here and regardless of the season, exercise should play a role in everyone’s lives, but summer opens your options up as far as exercise and this article is going to cover some of the better exercises that you can do to broaden your range of activity.  This, say the Grupo Mayan experts, is especially helpful if you are trying to lose weight and have found yourself at a plateau.  When you get into a plateau of weight loss, this is because your muscles and body have become accustomed to your workout and have no more motivation, so stirring things up a bit by changing your routine will give you more results and help you in reaching and maintaining your goals for good health.

Walking is one of the number 1 ways to get out and take advantage of the nice weather, all while losing weight.  The best way to do this is by finding a partner to walk with you, someone you can carry on a conversation with as you both walk.  Walking is great in general, say the Grupo Mayan health and fitness professionals, but studies have shown, if you are talking as you are walking, not only will this make the time seem to go by faster, but talking requires more use of oxygen and requires you to breathe in more deeply as you are exercising and this works out your lung expansion in the process.

Think about purchasing a bike.  In most cities, there are bike lanes that will allow you to travel almost anywhere safely and this is a great workout.  On average, you can burn 100 calories per mile and you can also incorporate walking as you are riding your bike, by getting off and walking your bike at some point.  Also, say the Grupo Mayan experts, if you purchase a bike, this might help you save on gas on little trips to the convenience store or browsing through the local strip malls.

Have a picnic at the park once a week.  You can prepare a healthy lunch or dinner that is outdoor friendly and in the process, prepare some activities for you and your family to do while you are at the park.  

Most people would not even consider this next idea as exercise, but the experts within the Grupo Mayan say that gardening is a great form of outside exercise.  Bending and stooping and stretching while reaching are great ways to get in some exercise, so try to do some yard work at least once a week.


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