the miracle of life

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Life begins by the union of the two sex cells of both male and female beings. Especially in human, during intercourse or copulation, million of sperm cells will be ejaculated from the male penis, and all of those sperm cells will race to meet the one fertilized egg in the fallopian tube. Thus, the union of the gametes will undergo several changes or through the mitotic change, where every days, weeks and months will be the time of its development for a new life inside the woman’s womb. After the ninth months of the unborn child, it will now undergo of what we call birth.

The sperm cell is a sex cell of the male secretes by the male testicles. During copulation, sperm cells were released in the process called ejaculation. The egg cell is the sex gamete secreted in the woman’s ovary. It is the largest human cell and the only visible in the naked eye. The egg cells will be fertilized normally every twenty eight days and will be released from the ovary to the urethra. A fertilized egg if joined by a sperm cell will eventually develop into a foetus will later a child. But if not, it will be dissolved and will just turn blood in the form of menstruation.

A woman really suffered from great pressure because a life is what she is now carrying. For nine months she will carry in her womb, an unborn child which is a half of her life.

Life begins with your last menstrual period. During the three weeks after the period, woman’s body ovulates and, if the timing is right, the egg is fertilized. At this point, there is a lot happening that you are not even aware of as the cells divide to form an embryo. Next, the groups of cells pass through the fallopian tube on their way to the uterus to begin baby development in the womb.

The fourth week is when things really start happening. This is also when the woman can start taking pregnancy tests and expect to get a positive result. The baby is being fully protected from the placenta, which just developed this week. It is where the bones and heart as well as the digestive system develop.

At the trimester’s halfway mark, the baby’s development in the womb is right on track. Genitals formation started in this stage and it can be viewed in the ultrasound. The baby has started developing some major organs, like the liver, kidneys, and spinal cord. The baby’s arms and legs can now move.

By the time you reached fourth month of pregnancy, it is probably no longer a secret. The woman also had to ditch the pre-pregnancy clothes for maternity wear.

Baby development in the womb is at full pace, with the addition of hair, both on the head and the body, bone development, and a fully pumping heart.

Hitting the twentieth week, by now, you can probably feel him moving around. Baby hiccups could also be in full effect and getting a good night’s sleep might become more difficult since some unborn babies seem to get more active at night.

Although the last three months seems harder for moms, the baby gets to take a break from all that baby development in womb he’s been going through. Until the delivery, the little guy gets to just sit back, relax, and grow.

Once the baby is fully formed and ready to make his appearance to the world, the mom will now start to labor. Just a few hours later, the mother will get to see firsthand how baby development in womb turned into a living, breathing, beautiful creature.


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