Does the Law of Attraction really work?

If you’ve read the book “The Secret” or you’ve watched the documentary, then you know what the Law of Attraction (I will refer to it as LOA) is. The writers of “The Secret” claim that whatever you visualize clearly, constantly, and with strong emotions, will manifest in real life. The book even gives an example of a man who visualized his dream house everyday, until it manifested 5 years later. The writers also claim that everything that happens in a person life is the result of that persons thoughts.

So is there actually such a law? Or is it just a scam?

Well there are different opinions about this. New Age thinkers and other writers (who claim to be gurus) say that the LOA is absolutely true and that it is working in everyone’s life. It might not be as simple as “Visualize and you will receive”, but it does exist, according to them.

Another opinion made mostly by some psychologists is very interesting. They say that you would you visualize something everyday, your subconscious mind will automatically make you being to notice more of the thing you visualized. This is scientifically true. You will begin to notice whatever you were visualizing and because you are noticing it, you might be lead to believe that you have attracted it into your life.

The problem about LOA is that you can not prove it, nor disprove it. My belief is that our thoughts do have an effect on reality, but it is not as simple as 1+1=2 . I do believe that there are unseen laws that govern the our lives, but they are not as simple as The Secret. I have seen interviews with some of the figures in The Secret documentary and some of them could not answer the question ” Did the victims of 9/11 attract the event to their lives?”  I have yet to hear a convincing answer from them regarding this question or any question of this nature.

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