How to be a good Father is like a three ring circus

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This is a article about some good advice on how to be a good father to your children.

1 One of the best ways to be a father to your children is to start teaching them about Jesus and the bible when they are young take them to church every Sunday. These two basic things will teach your children respect, responsibility, and reliability and honor.

2 How will teaching your children about Jesus and what the bible says help me to be a better father?

First if you read the bible it teaches a boy how to become a man and a man how to be a husband and a father.

3 The boy Jesus at the age of 12 starts doing the work of his father God in luke 2:40-52

In the above scripture in Luke this is an example for us fathers today to start teaching our children at a early age in serving God and telling others about Jesus and his plan for salvation.

In Ephesians 6:1-4  It tells fathers if they teach their children to honor their father and mother that their children will live long lives.

Honor, respect and reliability is taught all through the bible and all you have to do as a father is open the bible and start reading what God says about everyday life issues.

Other ways of being a good father is to spend time doing things with your childen like playing ball, talking with them, helping them with thier homework and just be involved in thier lives.


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